Trump grips Mexico in the ass

Donald Trump, the US president appears to have shaken off all obstacles on his way to continue the deportation of 11 million illegal immigrants from United States, and has proceeded to make Mexico pay for the proposed wall on the borders. On Wednesday, the secretary to the state Rex Tillerson together with his counterpart at the Homeland Security Department, John Kelly was in Mexico to force the nation to sign a set of “hostile” rules.

Homeland security has revealed plans to declare virtually all the illegal immigrants in USA subject to deportation, and said it has intention to send to Mexico any of the immigrants who get back to United States regardless of nationality. The idea, obviously, is that Trump thinks that Mexico is contributing a lot to make his country unsafe by the virtue of its open border. This new policy seems to be Trump’s way of coaxing Mexico to cooperate and pay for the wall as

Trump has repeatedly pledged during his campaign.
However, Mexico is not taking it lightly with the US president, at least it said. The Mexican lead negotiator with Trump administration and Foreign Minister to United States, Luis Videgaray has rejected the rules on Mexico’s behalf, threatening to fight Trump with the United Nations laws should he dare to implement the policy.

“I want to say clearly and emphatically that the government of Mexico and the Mexican people do not have to accept provisions that one government unilaterally want to impose on the other,” Videgaray told reporters at the Foreign Ministry.

Recall that one of Donald Trump’s campaign promises was that he would build a great wall on US-Mexico border, and that he would have Mexico pay for it. Many had doubted that, but now it appears that the controversial president would have his way all the same. Recently Trump has ordered a review of Merida initiative, a US security aid to Mexico which runs in multiple billions of dollars.

It is not yet clear why Trump is taking such a step now, but in several quarters, it is viewed as a great threat to Mexico’s safety as Trump is likely to withdraw the gigantic support to Mexico’s peril.

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