Coup: Tension keeps rising over alleged military takeover

The rumour that the Nigerian army is readying itself to strike President Buhari’s administration has been confirmed again and again. At the Special Joint Parliamentary session organized by Lagos state House of Assembly, so many voices spoke to show that indeed that the soldiers are nursing ambition to rule Nigeria again. Asiwaju Bola Tinibu, the former Lagos state governor who spoke at the event was vocal about his position that Nigerians should mobilize opinions and every available resources at their disposal to deter such plan. Describing as merchants of “bad products” those behind the scheme, the APC chieftain said that Nigeria has come a long way up to this point.

“Nigeria has come too far for such a thing to happen. Those people behind such ideas will find no fertile ground to plant their seed in Lagos. We will not buy their bad product; whatever they want to sell is a bad product and we are going to reject it,” Tinibu said.

The Deputy Speaker of House of Representatives, Yusuf Lasun alongside governor Ambode of Lagos state and other leaders did not hide their feelings on the matter but has condemned it, urging Nigerians to resist it.

“It is on record that military incursions into governance has always made the Legislature its first victim by suspending the constitution with all it powers against the wishes of the people.” Ambode noted.

It should be recalled that it has entered the second week since President Buhari has been away in a faraway London hospital for medical treatment. As the Commander-in-chief of armed forces, his absence as well as his frail health has left enough chances for any opportunist.

Even as it stands that Nigerians do not yet know when the president will be back to resume his work, members of the Executive has continued to play game with Nigerian citizens. On Monday Dr Ibe Kachukwu, the Minister of state for Petroleum Resources was interviewed on BBC Hard Talk London; he spoke about several issues regarding the Nigerian Presidency, one of which was that the President rules from his London sick bed.

Tinibu has spoken, and obviously the army has heard him. Yet the fact remained that the hard issues facing the average Nigerians still remained -recession has continued. At least for one thing the populace are now sure that the military is planning to strike again. Whether military rule would be preferred to Buhari’s administration is something Nigerian citizens may just get prepared to find out soon.

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