Benue crisis restarts amid NYSC camping

The brutal communal clash between Jekun and Tiv ethnic groups in Benue state surfaces again, immediately claiming 3 lives with 20 houses razed to ashes. It was gathered that governor Samuel Ortom of the state has dashed to quell the incidence but not before lives and properties were destroyed.

The Commissioner of police in the state, Mr. Bashir Makama said it was only one person who died in the crisis, although residents of the areas confirmed that they have counted 3. However, the police admits that so many houses were damaged. According to the Commissioner the police has arrested 17 people in connection with the issue, and actions are already being taken to boost security in the area.

Recall that Jekun and Tiv people have been at each other’s throat for a long time now, with each crisis taking many souls to the land of the dead. To sum the total cost of the damages would make Nigerians to shudder in revulsion as it is alarming. Moreover in an Age like this where so many people travel away to other places in doing their activities, it is possible that the victims of Benue crises are not only the indigenes of the two tribes.

Until Monday afternoon, it seems the warring tribes have buried their machetes when two young men at a drinking Joint rekindled the hate. It was gathered that the two men started arguing, then started a fight which soon spread and lasted from around 2 PM on Monday to 9 AM on Tuesday.

This is happening just as NYSC is training its members across the states in the federation, including Benue state. At this point it is only fair that the federal government boost attention on this matter with the view to permanently laying it to rest. Meanwhile NYSC must, as a matter of urgency, reconsider posting corp members in Benue state to any of these affected areas.

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