World War 3: US goes against Russia

US is leading a super coalition to permanently end Russia’s influence in Middle East, an action which analysts are predicting could lead to the bloodiest exchange of chemical confrontations in human history. Recently, President Bashar Assad of Syria has carried out great destruction in Khan Sheikhoun, killing more than 80 people and leaving many others wounded. Just like the formation of the two deadliest Wars of 20th Century, Nations of the world have swiftly taken sides. Donald Trump led a powerful airstrikes against Syria’s military bases last week, sending a clear message that showed US stands against Russia, which is the strongest Assad’s backer.

Russia’s president has himself come out and condemned Trump, with North Korea voicing its revulsion of the attacks alongside other US enemies.

Foreign Ministers of Britain, France, Canada, Germany and Italy are meeting Monday and Tuesday together with US Secretary of State at Ducal Palace in Tuscan city of Lucca, Italy to discuss best approaches to deal with Russia. Boris Johnson, British Foreign Secretary says the Group of 7 Ministers are planning sanctions against Russian military figures and, Syrian military figures alike.

“(We) will be discussing the possibility of further sanctions certainly on some of the Russian military figures and indeed on some of the Russian military figures,” Boris says.

Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of State will be meeting others in soon to continue the talk.

Recall that Trump has repeatedly said that time has come when the world will feel America’s strength like never before. A lot now depend on how Vladimir Putin will interpret the America-led coalition. It is on record that Russia has many Nuclear warheads that can destroy larger face of the earth in a matter of hours. Yet United States is many times mightier than Russia in military capacity.

Putin is notorious for being arrogant and brutal, but Trump, with the most powerful arsenal at his disposal and with many other super Nations backing him, can unleash unimaginable destruction with just a mere verbal command.

Danger is certain to hit the world soon, unless Russian agrees to withdraw support from Assad.

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