Another World War: Trump strikes Syria

-Another axis of ‘evil’ is gathering against Trump and his Allies.
-North Korea again emphasized it hostility against US, saying its military are prepared.
-Russia denounced Trump’s actions in Syria bombing, implying that a fresh Cold War is sown.
But so many other much more powerful nations approved of Trump Syria “message.”



America’s key ally Nations said they are readying their militaries to fight on the US side in looming World War. UK, Australia, Japan, Italy, Israel, and Saudi Arabia gave Trump their nods following the debilitating airstrikes US military launched against Syria on Friday.

And China may be on America’s lineups, even as the recent relationship between the two Nations has blossom recently following Trump’s decision to honour One-China policy.

With Europe’s major powers bending to Trump support, it is clear that Vladimir Putin of Russia would have to admit some discomforting concessions. But what it may not stop is another strained relationship as it were in the 70s between the two most powerful Nations.

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